HP 2015 Football Tournament
6 a side football - Male




HP Football Tournament 2015

Sofia, Bulgaria 


Each team will consist of 5 players + 1 goal keeper + 2-6 substitutes. One team should be min 8 and max 12 players. All players should be initially registered via the Bulgaria Wellness Page.

A match may not start if either team consists of fewer than four players. The match is abandoned if one of the teams has fewer than four players on the pitch.

Dates and Location

The tournament will kick off on 11 May and will finish no later than 25 June.

The fields are located in Sofia, Bulgaria. You can see more on: http://sportnazona.bg/static_pages/view/11.

Technical Conference will take place on 23 April. Its aim is to acquaint the teams with the tournament regulations and the rules of the game. The drawing of all participating teams for the scheduling of the preliminary group phase will take place during the Technical Conference. All team captains are required to attend – if not possible, a deputy has to be present.

Organizing Committee

The tournament is part of the BG Wellness initiative. In case of concerns or questions you can turn to any of the BG Wellness Ambassadors @ bgwellness@hp.com.

Eligibility for Participation

All HP Regular employees (no contingent) are eligible to take part in the event. Females can also participate in the football tournament. Teams could be either only men, only women or mixed (men & women). All will compete in one and the same tournament – there will be no differentiation between men or women. The same regulations apply to all employees, no matter of their gender or nationality. 

If a contingent worker is registered during the registration period /either individually or as part of a team/ the whole team will be disqualified and not eligible to participate in the tournament.


1. All teams willing to participate have to register at Bulgaria Wellness Page by 31 March 2015 (EOB). Team captain should register the whole team via the Team Registration Form.

2. Individually registered employees will be combined into teams. For registration they have to go to Individual Registration Form. The principle that will be followed is “first come, first served” (i.e. if 15 individuals register – the first 12 will form a team). BG Wellness Ambassadors will be responsible for notifying all individuals and collaborate in forming the teams.

Teams/Individuals applying after the above mentioned date will not be taken into consideration and will not take part in the competition.


A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself or another player (including any kind of jewelry).

Players cannot use any trainers/shoes with metal spikes or any other metal parts.

Players are allowed to use protectors.

Basic Equipment Colors

The two teams in any match must have uniforms that easily distinguish them from each other. The uniforms will be chosen from the Team Captain after the registration process is finalized. The uniforms will be provided by Sportna Zona at Sportna Zona fields before the start of the first game of the Tournament. 3

Periods of Play

Each match consists of two equal periods of 25 minutes. The half-time break must not exceed 5 minutes. The duration of the half-time break may be altered only with the consent of the referee. The allowance for time lost (wasting time, removal of injured players from the field of play for treatment, etc.) is at the discretion of the referee.

A team that does not show 15 min after the scheduled start of the game hour will be considered administratively defeated (0:5) and will receive 0 points, therefore no late arrivals will be tolerated. Every team has 1 min time-out per half time (2 in total).

Tournament Format

The tournament format will be announced at the Technical Conference based on the number of teams which are going to participate. Please bear in mind that the draw for 1/8 finals will be made after the group phase is over – thus, any arranged games during the group phase will be avoided.

The games after the Group phase will be led by professional Bulgarian Football Union referees in order to have strict control and maintain the spirit of fair play.



For all games in the Preliminary Group Phase the following rules apply:

 Win – 3 points

 Draw – 1 point

 Loss – 0 points

The ranking of each team in each group shall be determined as follows: 

1. greatest number of points obtained in all group matches

2. greatest number of points obtained in the group matches between the teams concerned

3. goal difference resulting from the group matches between the teams concerned

4. greater number of goals scored in all group matches between the teams concerned

5. goal difference in all group matches

6. greater number of goals scored in all group matches

7. smaller number of red cards received in all group matches

8. smaller number of yellow cards received in all group matches

9. drawing of lots by the OC


In case of a draw, no extra time will be granted – the game will continue with a penalty shootout /5 penalty kicks for each team/. The penalty shootout will be executed according to FIFA rules. If the result after the 5 penalty kicks is even, the teams will continue to execute one more penalty kick each until a final winner is determined. After the 5th penalty kick, a positive difference of 1 scored penalty will determined the winner.

Tournament Specifics

1. An unlimited number of substitutions is allowed during a match. They happen during the game, when the substitute must enter the pitch only after the substituted player has left the field through THE INITIALLY DETERMINED SUBSTITUTION ZONE. During a substitution of the goalkeeper, the game will be stopped. If the replacement enters the pitch prior to the leave of the substituted player, the referee may penalize any of the two players with a YELLOW CARD, and will give the ball possession to the other team at the place where the wrong substitution happened. Leaving the pitch during substitution at a zone different than the specifically determined SUBSTITUTION ZONE is allowed only in case of an injury.

2. Each playing team uses the substitution zones in the half field that it is defending. Only players and a coach are allowed to enter the pitch, no one else must enter the pitch at any active time. There are special seats for fans & visitors.

3. In case of any doubt if a given player is eligible and has been registered for participation (for example, but not only, whether an HP employee or a contingent worker), the team captain of the opponent team has the right to request identification of the player in question – HP badge or Personal ID card. All participants should feel free to contact and involve any of the Wellness Ambassadors in case of a similar situation in breach of the tournament regulations. A team whose players demonstrate unacceptable attitude against referee calls and/or leave the field loses the right to continue in the tournament and the whole team will be disqualified.

4. A goal may NOT be scored directly from indirect free kick (непряк свободен удар), but CAN be scored from corner (ъглов удар) or kick off (начален удар).

5. During a free kick and a goal kick all opponents must be at least 5 meters away from the kicking player.

6. The throw in will be made by feet only. A goal cannot be scored by throw in (тъч).

7. Goal kick (Аут) – a goalkeeper has to throw the ball by hands. No goals count as a result of goal kick.

8. SLIDING TACKLES ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. By referee judgment, if sliding tackles are considered dangerous for the opponent’s health, the player will be sanctioned with a YELLOW CARD.


Disciplinary regulations

1. In case of a yellow card, the player has to leave the field immediately. Another player from the team may substitute the penalized teammate for a period of 3 minutes. The two may switch back and the sanctioned player can continue to take part in the game after the period of 3 minutes is over.

2. In case a second yellow card is shown to the same player, a red card is shown to that player and the player should leave the field. His/her team will continue to play with one player less for a period of 5 minutes. The sanctioned player cannot continue to take part in the game, but after a period of 5 minutes is over, another player of the team might substitute him/her.

3. The player being punished with a red card will not be allowed to take part in the next game of the team.

4. If a red card is given due to cursing, offending colleagues/referees/fans the player will be suspended of participation until the end of the tournament.

5. In case a team remains with less than 4 people on the field during the 5 minutes sanction /red card/ time, the game will not be ceased.

6. In case of participation of a player that is not eligible for this tournament, his team will be considered administratively defeated (0:5). In next similar case, his team will be disqualified from the tournament.

7. In case supporters/fans demonstrate unacceptable behavior against the players, referees or other supporters, the referee could stop the game and make official caution. If the unacceptable behavior continues, the referee could stop the match and the team whose supporters demonstrate unacceptable behavior will be considered administratively defeated (0:5).

8. If a team does not show up at a game without having notified the opponent team or the wellness team in advance, this team will be suspended from participation in the tournament. If players have any business/personal reasons and cannot attend, it is their responsibility to make sure the opponent team and the wellness team are informed before the time of the scheduled match.

9. Participants must adhere to all HP internal rules and policies, including policies such as SBC, treat each other with respect, abstain from any harassing behaviour (threats, insults, and other disrespectful behaviour).

10. In case of a breach of the rules stated in item 10 above, a disciplinary case may be initiated by the HP HR and Legal department.

It is a responsibility of all employees to get acquainted with the Regulations and Rules of the Game before registering for the Football tournament. Team captains must acquaint all team members with the content of the document.